Young Adults with Autism Find “Do-it-Yourself” Approach to the Workforce


Adrienne Dimopoulos

PARK RIDGE, IL – (Jan. 30, 2017) – Teachability, an online based program for young adults with autism transitioning from school to the job market, offers a “do-it-yourself” approach to entering the work force. provides functional tools that help families connect to local businesses that can provide job practice opportunities specifically tailored for each participant. The family, alongside the business mentor, chooses where, when, and what to learn.
A letter of recommendation is the micro-goal of each program; building a portfolio of letters of recommendation will strengthen the future job seeker’s resume. A job tutor accompanies the participant at all times, there is no liability for the business, and no pressure to hire.
“Teachability is not that different from hiring a tutor for your teen or young adult,” said Cindy Montgomery, CEO, and Teachability. “The family pays the business to allow their daughter or son to practice a job for an agreed upon number of hours.”

According to Montgomery, there is an untapped work force among those with autism who are capable and reliable. They just need modifications, flexibility and time.

Montgomery, whose son has autism, defines success as the completion of goals like increased self-esteem, social skills practice, increased professional vocabulary, and learning how to be uncomfortable. Transitioning from the safety of the school system to the pressure of the workforce is a long term process, according to Montgomery.
“Participants learn to think about the future, the process of employment, and feel pride in trying new experiences,” says Montgomery. “Our participant’s success will be in the trying. It is my belief that taking the pressure off the individual, as well as eliminating preconceived notions, will ultimately create a successful experience. Our online support will address challenges that members might face, one at a time.”

For more information on Teachability, go to or call 847-922-0489.

About Teachability:

Teachability is a social enterprise that solves the youth unemployment problem for people with invisible disabilities like autism. Our mission lies in leading the untapped workforce into work. We offer modern, state of the art, training, coaching and placement programs for young people with invisible disabilities needing advanced modifications and for traditional job seekers.

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