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Teachability is looking to bridge that gap with an innovative job posting and matching process that identifies the characteristics (competencies) desired by the employer of their current employees performing the job and the characteristics of the potential candidate.

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The H.I.R.E. Model

We call our new model H.I.R.E., which translates to Helping Individuals Reach Employment.

H.I.R.E. is the bridge that compliments all existing employer networks, agencies, candidates, and businesses. Candidates are asked a range of questions that determine their characteristic strengths, as well as, build a digital resume for the candidate to be reviewed by potential employers. Employers interested in a job posting, are also asked a range of questions that determine the job competencies required to perform the job successfully.

The H.I.R.E. algorithm analyzes the competencies of the job and the characteristics of the candidate to determine the percentage match allowing the candidate to Apply, Research, or Skip the opportunity. Employers too will have the chance to review potential match percentages and potential contact candidates.

Get Started On The Form

Complete our form and take the first crucial steps towards a rewarding career. Tell us about your needs, interests, your strengths, your preferred job type, how best you learn, and more! Our unique H.I.R.E. job-matching platform will assess your answers and cross reference them with dozens of job opportunities in your area to connect you with different types of work environment and settings.

Tell us about yourself by answering the questions on the form and then upload it or email us when you’re done. A Teachability representative will be in touch shortly!

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