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March 20, 2017


Adrienne Dimopoulos



HOOPIS Group/Mass Mutual Financial – Partners With Teachability, LLC

Offers Young Adults with Autism Job Practice Opportunities

CHICAGO – (March 20, 2017) – For most 21 yr. olds, a train commute to work in downtown Chicago is a daily, if mundane, part of being employed.  For Park Ridge resident, Matt DeLacy, that same train commute is a milestone. DeLacy, a young adult with autism, is a participant in Teachability’s job mentoring program, a do-it-yourself job transition program, from school to the workplace, for teens and young adults with autism.

The HOOPIS Group, a Chicago-based member of MassMutual Financial Group, stepped up to serve as DeLacy’s job mentor, and worked closely with Teachability’s CEO, Cindy Montgomery, to create a job mentoring experience for DeLacy that worked for him.

According to Lamar Butler, HOOPIS Group, creating an experience for DeLacy is just the first step in the company’s commitment to providing financial planning services to families with special needs.

“On Matt’s first day at HOOPIS, I walked him around and introduced him to everyone. We wanted him to feel comfortable and welcome,” said Butler. “He received a temporary staff member badge, went through security, and began doing data entry and creating information packets on his first day.”

The train commute from Park Ridge to downtown Chicago was a big part of his experience as well.

“On the trip down, Matt was taking everything in and learning from doing,” said Matt’s mother, Peggy DeLacy. “He has always been inspired and aspired, to be like his peers. Participating in Teachability’s program with HOOPIS gives him confidence that he can make that happen.”

Teachability and HOOPIS have plans to create a continuous stream of participants who like Matt, need practice working in an office, teaching everybody to have the ability to work together. There is no obligation for business mentors to hire and no liability.

“Autism is a competitive advantage,” said Montgomery. “We offer a worry free system for our business mentors to utilize a one, three, or twelve hour program at their work place. Much like hiring a tutor for your child, the family pays the business mentor for their time and access to the work site, the fee may be waived. When you become a Teachability business mentor you receive legal documents, micro training, and public relations templates.”

Butler’s experience with Matt and others makes him a rare type of financial advisor; he doesn’t give a sales pitch, he connects with the family, which pays dividends for everyone.

To learn more about planning for your family’s financial future, contact Lamar Butler, The HOOPIS Group, 312-880-7639

For more information on how your business can make disability inclusion work at your organization, schedule a call with Cindy Montgomery

About Teachability:

Teachability is a social enterprise that solves the youth unemployment problem for people with invisible disabilities like autism. Our mission lies in leading the untapped workforce into work. We offer modern, state of the art, training, coaching and placement programs for young people with invisible disabilities needing advanced modifications and for traditional job seekers.

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