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The Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP)

Teachability’s Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP) is a customizable micro-internship program hosted by local for-profit companies. This innovative program is offered to meet the professional and social needs of students with disabilities – students ages 14-26 years old who are interested in building a portfolio of job skills and experiences to ultimately transition from school to work.

How We Are Different

We all want a program that prepares them for a rewarding life outside of school. Teachability has created a more streamlined, innovative approach to providing more opportunities for students to explore and discover their strengths and interests in the workplace. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for the students to challenge themselves. The IIP outsources and supplements any ongoing initiatives your school may have in place, to strengthen your program.

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If you know of a student interested in learning more about applying to the Inverse Internrnship Program, please contact Cindy at 847-922-0489 or cmontgomery@teachability.org

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