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The Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP)

Teachability’s Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP) is a customizable micro-internship program hosted by local for-profit companies. This innovative program is offered to meet the professional and social needs of students with disabilities – students ages 14-26 years old who are interested in building a portfolio of job skills and experiences to ultimately transition from school to work.

How We Are Different

We understand that placing students with autism can be difficult and that it has been an uphill battle within education creating the right program for your students. We all want a program that prepares them for a rewarding life outside of school. Teachability has created a more streamlined, innovative approach to providing more opportunities for students to explore and discover their strengths and interests in the workplace. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for the students to challenge themselves. The IIP outsources and supplements any ongoing initiatives your school may have in place, to strengthen your program.

Leadership Workshops

Teachability Leadership Training is a special designed course for persons with invisible disabilities such as autism, which focuses on self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is a life-long endeavor, and the teen years offer a particularly fruitful moment for cultivating self-awareness, self-monitoring, and deeper exploration of what it means to be autistic, by way of peer discussion groups. Self-advocacy differs from advocacy in that the individual with the disability self-assesses a situation or problem, then speaks for his or her own needs. Learning how to do this takes practice and direct instruction. This course is designed to enhance development of a student’s goal achievement and personal responsibility skills. Emotionally intelligent teachers, trainers and employers will be able to model as well as talk about the thoughts and behaviors most important to a person’s goal and academic achievement and personal well being.

If you are a middle school or high school interested in learning more about offering this transition program, please contact Cindy at 847-922-0489 or cmontgomery@teachability.org.

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