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For Parents

Why Teachability?

As a parent of a child with Autism I know from experience the challenges and rewards of working to insure your child has the best possible life. Watching my son, Paulie, struggle to fit in socially and at work has been heartbreaking. It was that frustration with the system – which seemed content to stigmatize Autism and dismiss it as a problem that can be solved by offering menial, unchallenging labor – which led to Teachability and the creation of the Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP).

Teachability’s Inverse Internship Program™ (IIP) is a customizable micro-internship program hosted by local for-profit companies. This innovative program is offered to meet the professional and social needs of students with disabilities – students ages 14-26 years old who are interested in building a portfolio of job skills and experiences to ultimately transition from school to work.

So, why Teachability? Because we know what we’re doing. We understand you. We understand your frustration. We understand your commitment to your child’s future. We believe in your child, and we know their future is bright. We are dedicated, because we are you.

Prepare for a life outside the home

We work with families, vocational agencies, and businesses to find the best fit for your child as they discover different career paths through working in a professional environment. Teachability’s goal is to get your child out of the house by leading them into a variety of internships or employment opportunities. We focus on the assessment of a tailored experience and giving your child the chance to choose where they would want to work. We understand that every individual is unique, with a distinct set of skills. The individual will learn more about themselves after creating a profile through Project H.I.R.E. These job competencies will then steer the individual to different jobs/careers that they are motivated to work in based on meaningful employment opportunities in your surround community.

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If you know of a student interested in learning more about applying to the Inverse Internship Program, please contact Cindy at 847-922-0489 or cmontgomery@teachability.org

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