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Why would a corporation want to sponsor a Teachability student? Teachability provides an opportunity for your organization to show its commitment to bettering the community, and creating a corporate environment that encourages equal opportunity while tapping into a valuable resource. Teachability will provide customizable, public relations opportunities for your organization, as well as a mention on our website highlighting your partnership with Teachability and a link to your company.

Join Our Story

You have a story. We would very much like to make your story part of ours. A partnership with Teachability will introduce a new chapter for your organization.

Teachability has thought of everything and created a worry-free system for corporate partnerships. There are no heavy on-boarding documents for you to memorize, or lengthy courses to attend. We have you covered!

If you are an organization interested in learning more about providing an Inverse Internship Program, please contact Cindy at 847-922-0489 or cmontgomery@teachability.org.

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