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Increase your company’s profile and enrich your workplace by adding eager and innovative new employees with unique skill sets. By choosing to work with Teachability you are not only setting a standard of excellence in your community, but in the office as well. Our workers are uniquely qualified to help make your office run more efficiently.

When you work with Teachability you will receive a press release highlighting our relationship to make other businesses and news outlets aware of your initiative, as well a mention on our website about our partnership with back links to your company site. As an added incentive, some companies may also qualify for payment (if interested) when they choose to host a Teachability intern.

If you are a business interested in learning more about hosting an intern, please contact Cindy at 847-922-0489 or cmontgomery@teachability.org. 

Download our brochure to learn about hosting a Teachability intern.

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