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Not just a feel-good step: Businesses are increasingly hiring people with disabilities, and it’s helping the bottom line. The tight labor market is pushing companies to open their eyes to considering workers with disabilities, who employers say are loyal, enthusiastic and able to do the job as well as anyone — sometimes even better. Falling unemployment rates among people with disabilities suggest more employers are adopting a similar mindset.

To be sure, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities remains double the rate for people without, and two-thirds of working-age disabled adults are not in the labor force at all, meaning they’re not working and not looking. Transportation hurdles are a persistent challenge, as are misconceptions about what people with disabilities are capable of doing. But as more companies that hire workers with disabilities report great rewards, the practice is spreading (Chicago Tribune).

As businesses look to implement disability hiring programs, they are experiencing challenges in either determining where to start a program or where to find candidates that best fit the job requirements. Partnering with agencies may not provide enough candidates to fill all of the opportunities (e.g., distribution centers looking to fill 20+ roles).

Products and services

Teachability offers a variety of services to businesses looking to start hiring programs for people with disabilities with support to individuals and families with disabilities. The primary focus is working with businesses in assessing, preparing, and implementing disability hiring programs into their daily operations, as well as, matching candidates to jobs based on characteristics of the individuals to characteristics of the job tasks. Additionally, Teachability staff work with businesses in providing candidates for inverse internships and support to leadership for programs already implemented.

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