Nick Frankel

Carter Dodd’s Story – Finding Opportunity

Every Friday after school, Carter Dodd eats chicken nuggets at McDonald’s with his family. This routine is a highlight of his week. Unfortunately, one Friday, Carter was bullied at McDonald’s because of his disability. But his mom turned this event into an opportunity. She called the district manager, and McDonald’s was lightning quick to respond …

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Cole Nelson’s Story – Ravinia Internship

Cole Nelson is a sophomore at Lake Forest College (Illinois) who interned at Ravinia Festival, the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States, during Summer 2018. Ravinia employs over 600 people in the summer season. His responsibilities included greeting attendees and directing them to the proper parking areas and other sections of the venue. …

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Online Teaching Practice Assignment #11

As an adult learner who has not taken a Harvard online class before this one, I understand the need for constant support with class expectations and technology. As the parent of a student with autism and a student with ADHD, I understand the need for constant support with content and executive functioning skills.

Is your Medical Office Staff Autism Friendly? It Matters.

Sensitivity to families with autism should be an important part of the job description for any health care professional. Unfortunately this is not the case. A report commissioned by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) in 2015 highlights this need. “Over 77 percent of primary care physicians, nurses and licensed health care professionals rate their ability to care for someone with autism as poor or fail.”