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What is Teachability?

Teachability LLC is a social enterprise with the vision to be an interactive partner for matching people with differing abilities to meaningful employment opportunities based on characteristics of the person and the job tasks.


Our mission is working with businesses, agencies, and the untapped workforce in matching people with disabilities to employment opportunities through collaborative training, coaching, and placement programs within businesses.

We offer modern, state of the art, training, coaching and placement programs for people with  disabilities needing advanced modifications and for traditional job seekers.

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We are excited to show a video of last year’s Inverse Internship Experience ™ between the Chicago Dogs and Job Seekers who used our TeachAbility Job Matching Platform. Overall, TeachAbility helped seven job seekers get the experience of working alongside College Students within the “Deputy Dogs Internship Program.” It was great to see the Deputy Dogs learn different customer service skills while helping people to their seats and handing out flyers. This video highlights our summer 2019 partnership with the Chicago Dogs, and we are excited about the launch of our 2020 virtual summer internship program. If you are interested in learning more about this partnership and want to be a Deputy Dog, please email Cindy Montgomery at Cmontgomery@teachability.org.